• Jordan Ralph perches off-grid artist's retreat on the coast of Inis Oírr island
    Designer Jordan Ralph has created an off-grid artist's cabin called Studio Drop on an island off the west coast of Galway, Republic of Ireland. Read more
  • Stacked exhibition spaces to form Rotterdam port visitor centre by MVRDV
    Five irregularly stacked boxes wrapped by red staircases will form the Harbour Experience Centre, which MVRDV has designed for the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Read more
  • Five designers planting trees to highlight climate change
    Designers including Es Devlin, Superflux and Maya Lin have planted forests full of trees in major cities to raise awareness of climate change or to campaign for sustainability goals. Read more
  • X75-2 chair by Lindau & Lindekrantz for Lammhults
    Dezeen Showroom: Lammhults is presenting its classic X75-2 chair, which has been in production since mid-century Swedish design duo Lindau & Lindekrantz created it for the brand in 1972. Read more
  • 5 Reasons to Tell Your Designer How Much You Really Have to Spend (7 photos)
    Homeowners can be reluctant to tell a designer their actual budget for a remodeling project because they fear the designer will be compelled to spend it all and more. A contract for my design services will include a detailed scope of the project, an estimate of total design fees based on hourly rates,...
  • The Best Materials for Your Patio Furniture (11 photos)
    With patio furniture, you can extend your indoor style to your landscape or try something completely different. You can mix and match for an eclectic feel. One important consideration, no matter your style, is how well your furniture will hold up to your weather conditions, including...
  • 1903 Apartment by Kilo / Honc
    We told ourselves, that we’re going to let space stand out and work just with it. We want these huge open volumes because it’s all about having that airy space. About seeing from one side of the apartment to another. About a feeling of openness and simplicity and about finding space for our individualities, experiences, [...] The post 1903 Apartment by Kilo / Honc first appeared on
  • Bathroom of the Week: Small but Mighty in 60 Square Feet (9 photos)
    One bathroom split between two adults and two kids isn’t ideal. That’s the dilemma designer Caroline Myers and her husband, Nick, faced in their 1938 Monterey Colonial home in Oakland, California. The third floor, where the three bedrooms are, had only one bathroom. So Myers turned her attention to a...
  • Visit an Architect’s Color-Happy Contemporary Home (one photo)
    In this episode of Houzz TV Live, architect Richard Keating of RKA Architectural Design Studio takes viewers inside his renovated Scotland home, which once belonged to his grandmother....