• Zaha Hadid Architects creates 3D-printed concrete bridge at Venice Architecture Bi...
    Zaha Hadid Architects has built a 3D-printed concrete footbridge named Striatus at the Venice Architecture Biennale that is freestanding and assembled without mortar. Read more
  • Residence 0110 by Raúl Sánchez Architects
    Residence 0110 is the refurbishment of my own apartment. It is located in the Poble Nou neighborhood, Barcelona, where the ‘Cerdá Eixample’ begins to be disfigured, and where recently the 22@ district is introducing contemporary architecture in clear contrast to the area’s industrial past. The apartment is located on a high floor of a chamfered [...] The post Residence 0110 by Raúl Sánchez Architects first appeared on
  • Heatherwick "isn't involved" in designing national Covid-19 memorial
    British designer Thomas Heatherwick has rejected claims that he is working on creating a coronavirus memorial following a meeting with representatives of the UK government. Read more
  • Lizée-Hugot uses leather and tubular steel to channel the 1970s in Parisian eatery
    Materials typical of a classic Parisian brasserie such as wood, marble and a lacquered ceiling are teamed with tubular steel furniture reminiscent of the 1970s in the Abstinence restaurant. Read more
  • Meatbusters Gastropub in Palanga by Donata Granata
    This loud, bright, colorful, happy, tasty interior is created for Meatbusters Gastropub in Palanga. Palanga is a seasonal summer vacation city filled with nature, Baltic sea, architectural heritage and a mix people and of different decades styles. Not often I get to splash such colors and use graffiti, that’s is why I really love this [...] The post Meatbusters Gastropub in Palanga by Donata Granata first appeared on
  • Bathroom of the Week: Open Spa Feeling for Empty Nesters (12 photos)
    In 1993, Doug and Patty Grogan built a traditional Colonial-style home in Easton, Massachusetts, then raised five kids there. After becoming an empty-nest couple, they decided it was time to freshen up their home. Top of list was their en suite bathroom, where floral wallpaper, back-to-back oak vanities...
  • 5 Bathroom Design Features Everyone Should Consider (one photo)
    Homeowners have a lot of design choices when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. And that can make it hard to know where to focus attention and money. So recently Houzz senior editor Mitchell Parker asked 50 home design and building professionals on Houzz what bathroom features they always...
  • Learn Your Garden’s Microclimates for a Resilient Landscape (6 photos)
    Planning a sustainable garden begins with understanding microclimates and how they affect plant growth. Microclimates are pockets of space within your home landscape where the temperature and climate can be very different from the ambient temperature and overall climate of your neighborhood. Your yard...
  • FAIR FINCH Coffee-Tea Boutique by YUDIN Design
    FAIR FINCH is a coffee-tea boutique located in Kyiv and this year celebrates its fifth year of activity. During this time, the company has established itself as a manufacturer of freshly roasted coffee; a boutique that offers accessories, tableware for professionals and coffee lovers, besides the academy of barista. In addition, FAIR FINCH team is [...] The post FAIR FINCH Coffee-Tea Boutique by YUDIN Design first appeared on

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